Real-World Evidence

A focus on daily treatment patterns.

Real-World Evidence

Currently, there is a national and international demand for healthcare services research. This demand is based on criticism of clinical studies, which are not able to capture and reflect the everyday healthcare environment because of their experimental and controlled nature, which, of course, is invaluable for regulatory purposes.

However, for many evaluation studies, the presentation of data from daily practice is of great importance. Primary data, as well as secondary data, such as claims data, can be analyzed for an informed look into everyday healthcare services and structures.

To be able to illustrate the efficiency of therapy under everyday conditions, stringent requirements are necessary for the selection of databases, as well as the study design.

  • Together with the client, we aim to develop a suitable study design based on your strategic goals to evaluate pharmaceuticals, medical devices, or healthcare service programs.
  • Based on the chosen databases, Xcenda will take care of the acquisition of the necessary claims data, as well as the prospective collection of suitable primary data.
  • For the analysis of data, we ensure a scientifically based statistical evaluation for the given research questions.